Bear Information by BearSaver.Com
Bear Information by BearSaver.Com
Bear Information by BearSaver.Com
Bear Information by BearSaver.Com
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US Bear Population*


Alabama   Stable
Alaska 150,000 Stable
Arizona 2,500 Stable
Arkansas 3,000 Slightly Increasing
California 18,000 22,000 Slightly Increasing
Colorado 8,000 12,000 Unknown
Connecticut   Increasing
Florida 2,000 Stable
Georgia 2,000 Slightly Increasing
Idaho 20,000 25,000 Slightly Increasing
Kentucky   Increasing
Louisiana   Slightly Increasing
Maine 23,000 Stable
Maryland 300 Slightly Increasing
Massachusetts 1,800 Slightly Increasing
Michigan 10,000 15,000 Slightly Increasing
Minnesota 27,000 Increasing
Mississippi   Slightly Increasing
Missouri   Stable
Montana Unknown Stable
Nevada 300 Increasing
New Hampshire 4,400 Increasing
New Jersey 1,000 Increasing
New Mexico 5,400 Decreasing
New York 5,000 Slightly Increasing
North Carolina 9,000 Increasing
Oklahoma   Increasing
Oregon   Increasing
Pennsylvania 9,000 Stable
South Carolina   Slightly Increasing
Tennessee 2,000 Increasing
Texas 50 Increasing
Utah 800 1,200 Slightly Increasing
Vermont 3,300 Stable to slightly increasing
Virginia 4,500 Slightly Increasing
Washington 30,000 plus Increasing
West Virginia 8,000 Increasing
Wisconsin 12,700 Slightly Increasing
Wyoming Unknown Stable

What do you think? Comments Here!*Estimate includes Brown/Grizzly Bear Population

"The mountains have always been here, and in them, the bears."
 - Rick Bass (in "The Lost Grizzlies")

Map of Current and Historic Range of Grizzly Bears in North America





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